Alejandra Mohedano

Meet Alejandra Mohedano, the financial architect at Fiore, whose expertise in finance and dedication to precision contribute to the harmonious financial orchestration of the business. Alejandra's role in the finance team is instrumental in ensuring that Fiore not only delivers beautiful blooms but also operates with financial resilience and foresight.

Alejandra's financial craftsmanship extends to managing budgets, analyzing financial data, and ensuring that Fiore remains a financially robust entity. Her collaborative efforts with Tania Mohedano create a synergy that supports Fiore's commitment to offering high-quality floral experiences without compromising financial stability.

Beyond the ledgers and balance sheets, Alejandra's dedication to her role reflects Fiore's commitment to providing customers with not only stunning floral arrangements but also the assurance of a financially sound and reliable floral destination. Together with Tania, Alejandra is instrumental in crafting the financial foundation that allows Fiore to flourish in the world of flowers.

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