Barbara Mohedano
CEO Founder

Barbara Mohedano, the visionary founder and CEO of Fiore, is a force behind the flourishing floral haven nestled in Meriden, Connecticut. With a profound love for flowers and an innate understanding of their language, Barbara has cultivated Fiore into a premier destination for exquisite floral experiences. Her journey in the world of flowers began over five years ago, driven by a deep-seated passion to create more than just arrangements – she aimed to craft memories and emotions woven into every bloom.

Barbara's commitment to excellence is the guiding force behind Fiore's success. Her extensive knowledge of floristry, coupled with an artistic flair, allows her to transform each floral creation into a work of art. Barbara believes that flowers have the power to convey sentiments that words often fail to express, and this belief is evident in the beauty and craftsmanship of every arrangement that leaves the doors of Fiore.

Beyond her role as CEO, Barbara is a hands-on leader, involved in the creative process and intricacies of floral design. Her vision extends to the very ethos of Fiore – a commitment to gratitude, union, and creating unforgettable experiences. Under her leadership, Fiore has become synonymous with quality, innovation, and a personalized touch that sets it apart in the world of floristry.

Barbara's dedication to her craft and her customers is reflected not only in the vibrant blooms that leave Fiore but also in the smiles and joy they bring to those who receive them. With Barbara at the helm, Fiore continues to flourish as a testament to the artistry, passion, and unwavering commitment to providing extraordinary floral experiences.

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