Single Rose

Single Rose

Sometimes, simplicity speaks volumes. Fiore presents the Single Rose for $17.50, a perfect gesture to convey your heartfelt intentions. Each rose, available in pink, red, or white, is a symbol of love and care. The Single Rose is elegantly adorned with a special wrapping decoration, adding a touch of sophistication to your heartfelt gift.

At Fiore, we understand that it's the thought that matters the most. The Single Rose is a testament to this belief, allowing you to express your feelings with a single, stunning bloom. The choice of color adds a personal touch, and the meticulous wrapping enhances the beauty of the gesture.

Choose Fiore's Single Rose for those moments when a single gesture can make a profound impact. Whether it's a token of affection, an apology, or a simple "thinking of you," this beautifully wrapped rose is sure to convey your sentiments with grace. Order the Single Rose today and let your emotions blossom.

Simple Elegance in Every Stem:

  • Beautiful single rose (available in pink, red, and white)
  • Special wrapping decoration with paper

$17.50 Per rose

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