Birthday Kit

Birthday Kit

Make birthdays extraordinary with Fiore's specially crafted Birthday Kit, priced at $110 per kit. We understand the significance of birthdays, and our kit is designed to elevate the celebration of your cherished individuals. This thoughtfully curated package includes a delightful helium balloon adorned with a cheerful birthday message, a delectable small cake, and a beautiful arrangement of flowers in a vase with refreshing water.

At Fiore, we believe in creating not just moments but lasting memories. Our Birthday Kit embodies the essence of joy and celebration, ensuring that your loved ones experience a day filled with smiles and warmth. Each element of the kit is meticulously chosen to add a touch of magic to the birthday festivities, making it a unique and unforgettable experience for both the sender and the recipient.

With Fiore's Birthday Kit, you go beyond traditional gifts and create a moment that resonates with love, happiness, and thoughtfulness. Trust us to make every birthday a remarkable and cherished occasion. Order your kit now and let the celebration begin!

Elevate the Celebration with:

  • Helium balloon with a happy birthday message
  • Delectable small cake
  • Beautiful flower arrangement in a vase with water

$110.00 Per kit

Your Custom Floral Experience Awaits

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